It’s 23:57 and late in the day for good news. The clock keeps ticking, an inexorable tick tock, while the shadows around me diminish.

My day didn’t get off to a good start. I stayed up the entire night. Fooled myself into thinking I was in for a historic evening, watching TV. But looks I got on board the wrong train. It got derailed and I’m still desperate to get back on track.

Checked in bed for a short nap, thinking my morning routine would sort out my aches. Wishful thinking…Took a stroll to buy a fresh baguette and my nose started bleeding. It’s a chore to breathe air these days. It hasn’t been fresh for a while, in this city. I don’t know. Silver linings have become difficult to distinguish in this age of black and white.

Was waiting in line for my baguette and witnessed an old lady arguing with a young mother and her baby girl. I don’t know who started the argument, or what exactly was it about, but it sure was colorful. I felt embarrassed. Oddly responsible too. This is what we’ve come to, petty squabbles over insignificant differences.

Now it’s 23:57 and time is winding down. I can hear the fireworks starting, coming from the West. I’ll wind my clock back some – 23:53 seems like a good number – and pretend all is well in our world. It doesn’t quite work that way, however. It’s not my job, fixing the clock.

It’s 23:57. Is it too late? I’m anxious – it could be the end of the world as we know it. For my part, I find solace in the small things I can control. I read a book. Wash the dishes. Wax my shoes. Keeps my mind off the clock, and its inescapable tick tock. My sleep is fitful and filled with unpleasant dreams.

A new morning comes sure enough, sunny and warm. Full of promise. This is going to be a good day, I decide. I glance at my clock. It displays 23:57. Seems time won’t change overnight. It’ll take getting used to, but I’m determined to do just that. I throw the windows wide open and take a deep breath. And throw my worries out too.

It’s 23:57. Maybe it’s too late for this world. But, who am I to tell? The shadows are shorter. Soon there may be nowhere to hide. I’ll play my part though. I will live life the best way I can.


Perhaps you have heard about the Doomsday Clock. It’s a symbol which represents how close mankind is to a global catastrophe. Recently it has been moved forward to “two and a half minutes to midnight”. 23:57, if you prefer.

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