I was born amidst woodland hills to two wonderful parents. They passed onto me their love of history and culture and worked tirelessly to encourage my interest in languages and, most importantly, stories. While other kids were outside kicking a ball, I was spending my time toying around with LEGO castles. It is fair to say I have spent just as much time in the worlds of my imagination as in the real one. Today I work in the language business and author the writing blog Blank Page Down.


Stories constitute the basic fabric of our lives. For me there isn’t much else beats recounting a good tale over a cup of tea (or coffee), whether it is a tale of high fantasy involving dragons and sorcery or the stories on what the world was like seventy years ago, back in your grandparents’ youth. You live as many lives as you read stories. You are transported. That’s what stories always did to me. What’s not to like, in stories?


All stories need a place to lay their heads down for the night, in between entertaining the reader. Blank Page Down is just such a place – a haven for my stories, a place where blank spaces don’t last long. This is my own tiny corner of the worldwide web where I share my insights on fantasy, writing, geekery, or life in general. There are few things in life as liberating as putting pen to paper. I hope you’ve been enjoying the results so far – I sure am enjoying the journey.

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