Azure Vistas of a Time Long Gone By

Azure sea vista

I rest on this beach. It has become a ritual, see, sitting every day in the exact same spot. It is perhaps a stone’s throw to the sea (if there were any lying around), yet I do not bother leaving my resting place. Quite content to remain where I am. Been here for what feels like an eternity now. And I most certainly am a creature of habit, if nothing else.

I watch the azure waves lapping at the shore with hollow, unseeing eyes. Over the years I have seen more hues of blue than words can describe. Rich, cerulean blue on a dazzling day, with the sky suspended above in pale counterpoint. Dark, ominous and sharp as steel on another day, swirling madly, beaten by the wings of the onrushing storm. My eyes, they have seen it all. There is no surprise to wait for. There is only the one, eternal wait. And the endless azure vistas.

It is peaceful. There is a quietude to the tune of the sea and the choir of sea gulls, however sporadic. I do not think I ever will have my fill of it. Like a magnetic, immovable force, the sea cradles my thoughts. Sweeps away any weight crushing them. I could rest in peace in this place for yet another eternity.

Used to be different, however. We fought a battle on this sandy beach, once. And lost. Was an insignificant skirmish in a struggle now long forgotten, yet no less brutal. It has been washed away by the passage of time, inevitably, the sun-bleached bones of the lives lost swallowed by the sea. Most of them, anyway. Memory of that moment in time is almost escaping me, now.

Not much of me is intact, by now. Unlike the azure vistas, which remain undiminished, ever colorful and shifting. Not caring much for past hurts or present fears. The tooth of time barely marks them. I am envious, every now and then. Yet I find peace on this beach, in the end. The edges of time are dulled, here. Eternity a private joke shared by a select few, half-buried in the sand.

Only the azure vistas endure, indifferent. I am content, having watched them for so long.


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