Un Momento di Leggerezza

A cappuccino for a moment of levity

It is a special moment, a moment of leggerezza, levity in Italian, a moment long sought after, sipping my hot cappuccino on the deck of the ship just out of port. The bar of our ferry is packed with tourists, yet I smirk knowingly, almost a local, I think. As an Italian explained to me once, you do not drink cappuccinos after noon. It’s 10 am or so and I count my cup a small, well-earned victory. Naught but a private joke shared between us.  A notch on our oft-traveled belt no one will notice.

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One Candle Older

One year anniversary

Well, then. A few days ago, the one year anniversary has come and gone for Blank Page Down. A year of writing and sharing stories with the world (you)! Good times. Not that I planned to celebrate this in any way, but it’s an opportune moment to take a look back at what’s been and share some fun facts about this blog. Read on after the jump.

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Han Solo, a Hero to Many

I’m not much of a movie-goer. Lately my cinema sorties have been too few and usually far between. Used to be a time when it was different. I’d often go out with my brother, checking out the latest flick everyone was talking about (or inversely those which people hadn’t yet started talking about). We were picky back then, refusing to go see just any movie. I’m still like that, I reckon, only worse.

So, last Friday we did what everyone else is doing and went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now, this will not be a review of the film (it was very good), nor will it contain any spoilers. I’ll tell you why I liked it. Probably not for the same reasons you did. This will be a think piece on heroes. And how they are all one day destined to ride off into the sunset.

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My Steam backlog

I am a creature of habit. For instance, I like my sugar with coffee & cream (props to those who identify the pop music reference). Every morning after I wake up I need a solid 2 hours of doing whatever needs doing, until I’m halfway presentable. If not, I end up like a Gremlin tossed into water (nasty, understand). My wife regularly pokes fun at me for it. And rightfully so. However, this time all by my lonesome has a purpose other than me desperately needing it to resemble a human being.

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