Sand Before the Storm

Sand but no storm in sight. A rare, peaceful night on Vera IX.

Lieutenant Commander Dallas Drake, formerly of UNT Directory, leaned against his leg, his boot firmly planted on a lump of sandstone. Squinted at the clouds of dust and sand sweeping the violet-tinted horizon. Unconsciously, his hand fished for the pack of cigarettes he’d tucked in a side-pocket of his trench coat. Plenty of time for a smoke, he reckoned.

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Decay, in one of its many forms.

Decay has always been an obsessive fascination of mine. Like an old friend who, whenever I thought he’d run out of stories to tell, would surprise me with one I haven’t heard before. He’s always been there for me, for as long as I remember.

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La La Land or the Pursuit of Dreams

La La Land or the Pursuit of Dreams.
Mia and Sebastian, the dreamers in La La Land.

I’ve been to the movies with my lady (fairly) recently to see this film called La La Land. You may have heard about it. It’s been making quite the headlines for the past couple months. For good reason too, I think. It had enough good reasons to prompt me writing a new entry for Blank Page Down. But more on that after the jump (NO SPOILERS, guaranteed).

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The Art of Letting Go

Cut the action. Time to let go.

Writing has its fair share of difficulties, like any other occupation out there. It’s an exercise of will first, patience second. Imagination is the necessary foundation of your work, yet imagination on its own won’t carry you through if you lack the discipline to hammer your text into shape. One of the trickiest ingredients of discipline, at least related to writing, is learning to let go.

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